An insiders guide to… rain boots

Ohio’s Indian summer finally seems to be coming to an end, and it begins to feel like that time of year – fall. Wet fallen leaves are stuck to the pavement that my bright pink Hunter Wellies are walking on. Sounds like a movie set in Central Park doesn’t it? Well as fabulous and efficient as rain boots may seem, they are actually a royal pain.

Today was miserably dreary, raining from “sun”rise to “sun”set. I found myself sporting my new North Face peach rain coat, oversized tee, black leggings and Hunter rain boots. Total cliche rainy day walk to class outfit, I know. However predictable my outfit was, it is famous for a reason right? Cute, simple and does the job for a rainy afternoon. Although while walking I realized something very groundbreaking, these rain boots actually suck. Aren’t these the holy of holies for comfort and durability?

I have about a fifteen minute walk up and down hill to class. After a solid three minutes I was completely annoyed with my footwear. I found myself hastily running across the side walk to avoid a collision with a speedy driver; in doing so I was almost incapable of running due to my shiny clunkers. I immediately sent a text to one of my girlfriends sharing my feelings on my boots and most importantly my near death experience on the cross walk; her response “rain boots are just the clunkiest!” Does everyone feel this way and we just choose to ignore it??

Never-running-again, but seriously I realized I was even walking strange due to the heavy machinery around my feet. Onlookers could possibly think I’m practicing my high knees for the schools band, or that I had two pink walking casts around my feet perhaps?

I am truly saddened by this discovery, could my boots be not as amazing as I thought? I cannot hate on rain boots too much, I will give them props for achieving their ultimate goal – which is keeping my feet dry. On Hunter’s side, they also do an even better job of creating timeless colour swatches to meet any girls standards. As far as comfort and practicality goes, I am at a loss for words. I feel as though I have been brain washed into thinking “I cannot wait to wear my rain boots, I wish I could wear them everyday they are so comfortable and easy to walk in!”

Furthermore, I will continue to wear my little darlings when necessary. Because they were expensive. I am however canceling any future plans for travel to Seattle.

Emily Ann Jemma perfectly depicts the effortless fall  style of the pink hunters
Emily Ann Jemma perfectly depicts the effortless fall style of the pink hunters

Enjoy your boots – they’re fashionable. I certainly am not going to stop wearing heels any time soon and those do a number on my feet. Sometimes it is necessary to point out the reality of any situation, in this case the poor design and misconception of rain boots.