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Hello there and thank you for visiting my page and hopefully reading some articles! To tell you a little bit about me, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati pursuing my bachelors in communications and a certificate in public relations. Check out our Her Campus Cincinnati for similar articles like mine written by other amazing college women! On here I write anything from product reviews, lifestyle pieces, fashion advice, styling tips, top trends, pop culture headlines, and anything else that just may spark some inspiration I feel the need to share. – If you love my blog, subscribe to get my latest works sent to your inbox! I chose the name Diamonds & Daisies because those two simplistic words absolutely could be used in my vocabulary on a daily basis. Its really the meanings behind them and what they represent as well. Diamonds are rare, beautiful, luxurious and a girls best friend. I associate diamonds with elegance, timelessness and my love for all things Jay Gatsby glitz! Daisies are much more simplistic. A summer staple to instantly brighten your day. You can find these beauties on your kitchen counter or pick them for yourself in the most deserted field. I am deeply inspired by 60s-70s style and you wouldn’t have that era without wild flowers. I am a gal who dreams of finer things but clings to life’s simplest pleasures.


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