late in the day the light grows sweeter

finding your perfect statement coat

‘Tis the season for your outermost layer being the focal point of your every outfit. With that being said I highly recommend investing in a quality jacket that is sure to keep you warm and stylish in any situation you may come across in the upcoming months.


In order to look your best in your fall and winter coat you must feel comfortable and true to yourself.

nothing looks better than confidence


Find what suits your lifestyle.

Rachel (pictured) is wearing a double breasted button cape with built in belt. This coat is perfect for a day full of running errands, but could easily be transferred into an unexpected dinner date with friends. It is light weight enough to layer heavily underneath, which makes it even easier to throw on and off between dressing room changes (because a day of errands is equivalent to shopping)


Stick to your price point.

If you want a high quality sport coat I recommend Burberry Brit and Barbour as top contenders. Burberry Brit has a novelty name along with beautiful fabrics, design and color. Barbour is an English coat maker designed for performance (side note: Prince William and Princess Kate have been spotted wearing Barbour recently) No matter the brand – collared, quilted with a hem ending just at your hips will always be
a timeless look. Also, feel free to play around with color, I am loving wine this year!

Do you find yourself yearning for a dress coat? I recommend sticking to solid neutral colors with flare in the actual design of the shape (think peplum/ double breasted/ layered bottom/ belted) Overcoats should end just above the knee, long enough to cover the end of a dress. Spend around $100 for a well made dress coat, you want your outer garment too look just as nice as the fabrics that are under it. –> Check out Anthropologie Stitched Jali Coat –> Check out Express Jackets & Coats


Know what works for your shape.

Cape  looks virtually flawless and elegant on any body type (most recently pregnant Blake Lively) However those well endowed may have some reservations –> Check out Kate Spade NY Wool Capelette

Long Puffer  Any cut going below the knee should be worn up a size. Smaller figures usually work best. However, goose down is being used more recently to decrease the amount of bulk. –> Check out The North Face Insulated Tatiana Jacket

Vest  The cut is very feminine that automatically cinches in your waist. Perfect for all shapes. –> Check out Anthropologie Jackets, Blazers & Vests

Peacoat  The perfect tailored look for any time of day, and any body type. Make sure you find a style that sits perfectly on the hips and has the correct sleeve length. –> Check out J Crew Majesty Peacoat

Leather Bomber  For the fashion conscious a leather jacket is a necessity this fall. Thankfully a sleek leather jacket looks amazing on all figures, however in true fashion they run small. –> Check out Truth & Pride Leather Moto Jacket


Keep your eyes peeled for possible prospects for the upcoming winter months. Do not be an impulse buyer and purchase the first coat you like, find the one that you love. The one that you can wear to more than one occasion, one season and one year. Start evolving your own personal style; keeping in mind fashion is what is in style now, actual style is yours to last a lifetime.

My muse for this shoot was Rachel. Rachel put this look together herself, perfectly encompassing style and wearability. Her inner beauty shines even brighter than that on the surface.

Proverbs 31:25


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