A newfound love for my Nikes

blog tennis shoes

Pictured above is how I see fashion changing within the upcoming years. Not the mix of patters, fabrics or shapes but the “odd” choice of footwear. Tennis shoes are the new “it” accessory for our feet. They’ve always been the “it” item, but never in high fashion.

Tennis shoes are placed in their own active wear category and do really well. Virtually everyone has one if not two pairs that they invest in every year. The great thing is that tennis shoes are constantly evolving and most consumers like you and I love trying out the newest styles whether they be shox (circa 2000) or say more currently the Roshe.

Why is this choice of shoe so popular besides their ever changing styles? They’re use for physical activity has always been my go to answer. However, I am now looking at the reason for popularity in the fashion world, because –  no matter what anyone says heels, flats, and even wedges all hurt after countless hours of standing on your feet. So the answer to my question is, they’re so amazingly comfortable! Fashion gurus everywhere can now spend their money they once set aside for future bunion surgery.

Praise the Lord (once again) for Karl Lagerfeld as he recently brought back the athletic shoe to the runway. Fashion is not synonymous with the word practical I understand. However, how great is it to see models and celebrities rocking their favorite designer dress with their newest pair of sneaks. I see buyers being able to do more long term because of this fabulous combination. Walking say 10 blocks in heels? Never. Walking 15 blocks in Chanel tweed and calfskin sneakers? Done!

This post was inspired after a long day on marble floor at Nordstrom, wearing heeled booties. I came home and didn’t even want to be barefoot… I needed padding and support. I put on a shoe I rarely wear (does this give away my lack of excersize?) my Nike’s. How great it would’ve been to wear them all day at work, with say a pair of leather leggings and an oversized chiffon collared blouse. I predict that will be allowed soon.


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